When Did FREE Stop Meaning FREE?

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FREE should mean FREE am I right?

Lately I have noticed a disturbing trend in internet marketing that is going to make the already ill-fated and hated email marketer even more hated! This new method of marketing has made me angry over and over again every time I get suckered into it. The latest one I will share with you, prepare to be flabbergasted!

  • The FREE Product bait and switch: Recently I found a video by a highly regarded internet marketer. He caught my attention and for 17 minutes I watched (about 16 minutes longer than I normally what a video), and he made me interested in seeking out further advice from him. This video had a link to a FREE PDF that promised to provide valuable marketing information and the possibility of a one on one phone conversation with him, which after watching the video I was greatly excited about this. I quickly opted into this marketers list, and frantically read the PDF! What I read was horrific! This person offered NO real value in the report and just kept talking about the amazing opportunity he would offer in the FREE phone consultation. As I read further on there were THREE conditions that had to be met before you could speak with him! Condition 1) You had to ALREADY be making 100 000 dollars or MORE a year in internet marketing, Condition 2) You had to have your own product and Condition 3) You had to provide a $700 deposit for the FREE phone call…

This is the bait and switch part! This FREE phone call is reserved for people whom A) DON”T need his help, because they are already successful. (hard to be shown as a fraud if you only let successful people in your group right?) If you can figure out how to make a $100k a year, you can ramp it up without help. and B) That can afford to throw away $700 for a FREE phone call and then the best part is his services cost 3860 per month, again, if your brand new, or still struggling your not worthy!

This type of marketing makes me angry! I understand the concept of offering a valuable free product to build a list and then marketing to that list. This is NOT what this is. This type of bait and switch marketing is becoming more and more common in the internet marketing world and it is something that you as a new internet marketer needs to be aware of.

If you are a new marketer just getting started in internet marketing I want to discourage this type of marketing. Instead concentrate on developing or finding really valuable products to offer your subscribers. Also be aware of the people who won’t offer you any value until you take out your credit card. I encourage you to learn, and read, and figure out the game before you put your piece on the game board. To quote a well-known marketer that I deeply respect. “Leaders are Readers”.

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