Train to Lead and Lead to Train: The Top Strategy of MLM Network Marketing Leadership

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The #1 Strategy of MLM Network Marketing: To Train and Be Trained for Leadership

Multi-level marketing (MLM) leadership training constitutes a vital strategy of network marketing, where the sales force is paid not only for sales they personally generate, but also for the sales of other distributors whom they recruit, creating a downline of agents and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation. Independent MLM network marketing associates represent the company that makes the products or provides the services they sell. Their sales commissions are based on the volume of product sold through their own sales efforts as well as that of their downline organization.

Leadership is the raison d’etre of MLM network marketing. The independent associate develops his organization by either building a customer base or by recruiting a downline of other independent associates who also build their own customer bases, thereby expanding the overall organization. Additionally, associates can also earn a profit by retailing products they purchased from the company at wholesale price. Consequently, the MLM network marketing independent associate has several leadership roles and responsibilities:

  • to prospect(find) and recruit(get) other associates and customers
  • to build a downline organization of associates in a hierarchical structure, usually designed by the company
  • to train, guide and inform (build) the downline on various administrative and technical issues about the company products and procedures
  • to motivate and be a role model of his or her downline as a conscientious and ethical business leader
  • manage the downline team as a business entity, striving to achieve a smooth and healthy expansion while at the same time providing reciprocal and co-operative support of his upline and the company as a whole

As an independent entrepreneur and also working in a structured network team environment of downlines and uplines, it is important for a mulch-level marketer to understand clearly what it takes to fulfill the above roles and statuses of leadership. Knowledge, integrity, motivation, confidence, strategy and resourcefulness are universally the most important traits an entrepreneurial leader must have. Only by sharing these qualities directly or by example or through enabling your downline to be trained can the MLM distributor achieve the goal of earning a substantial and growing income.

Thus, as a leader the MLM network marketing associate must provide expert knowledge, be a trainer, mentor and motivator and continually role model the leadership status which his downline aspire to. In exchange gets authority and prestige, not to mention higher and higher compensation scaled according to the breath and depth of his downline as well as the quantity and value of sales in his hierarchy.

While it is true that some individuals are “born” entrepreneurs or leaders, it is perfectly possible to acquire these capabilities through learning and training. Leadership training is an essential component of development of MLM network marketing business. This entails not only acquiring new knowledge but, equally importantly, relating familiar facts and experiences differently – from a new angle or with a gainful mind-set – to encourage individuals and the whole hierarchy team. The latter is the main goal of coaching and mentoring. Such training, coaching and mentoring can also be attained through the MLM network marketing associate’s own initiative from reading books and journal articles and attending seminars.

It is also the MLM network marketing leadership responsibility to create awareness of the possibilities and opportunities, of tools and methodologies which are most handy in particular circumstances of his down-line.

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