Time For a Change of Career?

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Why do you want to leave?

Scenario 1: Personal issues. A lot of people that feel dissatisfied with their jobs don’t want to change their career. If this is the case, then it’s worth finding out: is it personal? Are you not getting along with another colleague? Are you being unfairly treated by your boss? Personal issues may be easy to resolve and won’t result in you having to uproot yourself from a great job. Why not talk to HR and air your grievances? Or talk to the person you are having issues with and work out if there is a way to get past this. Something so easy as resolving a personal conflict may just make your working life perfect- with no need to change your career.

Scenario 2: Job Role Dissatisfaction- “It’s not you, it’s me”. Your boss loves you, you get on great with your colleagues, the company perks are fabulous, but there’s still something missing… If you’re happy with everything about your job, except the job itself, then maybe it’s time to consider other job roles. We’re only human, and sometimes we get it wrong. We might think we’ve found the perfect career path, but sometimes it’s just not meant to be. The great news is you might not even have to leave the company. Businesses have internal vacancies all the time, so why not find out what’s available- changing your department might be all you need to kick start your career and leave your job role blues behind.

Scenario 3: Company Woes. “It’s not me; it’s most definitely you!” Does every day of your working life seem like a scene from Office Space? Although you might love the job you do, some companies don’t prove the perfect fit for all employees. If this is the case, search outside your business for similar roles but in a different company, a complete career overhaul might not be necessary, just a change of scenery!

Scenario 4: You just want a change. OK, so you’ve vetoed scenarios 1-3 which probably means you just need a change, a fresh start and a new career completely. There are hundreds of reasons why this might be the case; you never intended to stay on permanently, you want to move to a new location, you want to try out a different career… Whatever the reason, you need to be happy in your employment- you spend enough time there! So go out and get what you want, but remember, search for jobs while you still have a job. Go for interviews, get your CV out there, and find something concrete before you hand in your notice.

Practical Points to consider…

Is the job you want going to impact on your finances? It’s OK deciding that investment banking isn’t the right path for you, but if your desired career means you’re taking a monumental pay cut- can you, and/or your family afford it? Are you qualified for the career you wish to pursue? You might feel that you’re a veterinarian trapped inside an IT consultant’s body; but do you have the training and the qualifications to ditch the desk and start operating on animals? Make sure you know what qualifications/training you need to pursue your new career. If you’ve got them, great! But if you are going to have to finish employment to train from scratch- you might need to consider the financial and practical implications of this decision.

Are there jobs available in your desired field? You need to check the availability of positions within your desired employment. You might fancy being a scuba diving instructor in Australia- but are there positions available? Have you checked to see how you can find work in this sector?There are quite a few things worth considering before you make that all important leap to a better career. Make sure you have thought practically about your decision and weigh up your options. If all the signs still point to a new career, then go for it! Don’t settle for a job you aren’t truly happy with.

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