The Magnetism of Videos Online

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Online videos are one of the biggest contributors to the success of interactions online. If done correctly, they can have a much more powerful and persuasive effect on people than the written word, depending on the topic and presentation.

There are several different reasons why online videos can be persuasive and it is worth exploring them so that you can decide whether videos will be an effective and enticing tool for your particular business. Of course, you main objective is getting as many top-quality people as possible to watch.

What your eyes can see

When it comes to physical movement, the viewers will automatically be attracted to the video in its entirety. When you view a video, your peripheral vision comes into play and your mind captures all that you see. Interestingly, you may not even realize it at the time but images and ideas continue to play through your mind over time.

The cerebral connection

There is a great deal of synergy between the person on the video doing the speaking that the viewer who is listening. With that in mind, you should understand that the way that the information is received (and perceived) is at times more powerful than merely reading words on a page (or on screen).That is not to say that the written word is not powerful or that it doesn’t make a big impact. It certainly is an important medium. However, it is very important to keep an open mind when it comes to embracing all of the different types of communication.

The power of simultaneous information

When people are able to absorb different types of information simultaneously, it creates a bond between them. Social media naturally promotes that type of behavior because the interactions through social media (as the name implies) are social and need at least two people in order to be successful. The best way to communicate for simultaneous success is in real time; however, other forms of online interactive communications will also work. Any of those communication methods are better than reading words on a page when it comes to simultaneous information.

A conglomeration of elements

Video brings all sorts of things together. Videos make it easy to reach out and touch other people. There are several different types of videos that have the power to do that, including testimonials, stories, etc, in which the common element is emotion. If people are touched emotionally, they will react in some way. Hopefully, they will be touched in a positive way and you will get them to react in the way that you hope they will. This goes back to the heart of the success of online social interactions. Relationships can only exist if there is an emotional element present. Without feelings, nothing can be accomplished. Your video should communicate information that is emotional in nature. One thing that you certainly want when you are communicating through video is to have your message not only be understood but also be remembered for a long time. If you have any hope of your viewers telling other people about what you are communicating, that will need to happen.


Online videos are an extremely effective and enticing way of communicating online, if done properly. It is very important to remember that one form of communication should not be sacrificed for the sake of another type. Videos are just one of the many powerful types and if you don’t take advantage of using them, your business will be missing out. All of the different types of online communication are important and all are important members of your social media armamentarium.

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