The Importance Of Appearance In Attracting A Date

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The operating words of this topic are appearance and attracting. Appearance also means outward show, manifestation, looks, form, etc. Attracting also means to draw, pull towards you, be a magnet for, create a center of attention, catch the attention of, exert a pull on, magnetize, invite, appeal to, fascinate, charm. The opposite of attracting is repelling.

Each individual is a brand. Think about the place of labeling and packaging in the branding project. Some brands are marked out and sometimes identified only as the packaging and the labeling presents it. When these two aspects of the product are removed, it becomes difficult to recognize the brand. This is the same case with human beings.

The issue of appearance is critical in all presentations. It is more critical in the presentation of the human person for consideration for benefits such as employment, friendship and the serious business of dating which leads to the selection of a spouse.

Though we may seriously argue that appearance is not reality or that all that glitters is not gold, we can, with equal zeal, argue that the eye would first partake of anything before the mouth. In other words, everything must be beheld and considered suitable before it would be accepted, invited or be associated with. That established, it then appears unnecessary to overemphasize the importance of appearance in being able to attract a date.

It might be important to let the boys know that even when they have wads of money falling down from their body and a number of girls flock around like bees, that irresponsible dressing such as sagging and dirty clothes and unkempt hair repels girls. If any girl shows serious interest in a young man who comes across with lousy appearance, it is usually for other ulterior motives than for a date with the objective of finding a courtship partner or spouse.

Sometimes, the girls feel that coming out half naked helps attract the men. The contrary is the case. The kind of young men such girls attract are the never-do-wells and the unserious who most probably are coming because they have interpreted the show-back, sleeveless and half-cladding blouses and revealing dresses as a sign of a person of easy virtue who would easily accommodate effortless sexual relationship.

As the saying goes, you addressed the way you are dressed. If you turn out regularly well groomed, you watch your language and choose your words to suit the occasion, then you are presenting a good appearance that would enhance your opportunity to attract the right type of date.

If you are in need of a date, especially dates that may lead to courtship and possibly marriage, then you need to package yourself and present an attractive brand that have the magnetizing effect on people of the opposite sex who you meet at work, school, church, the library and at events. If not, you would be getting the exact opposite of what you want – repelling good dates instead of attracting them.

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