The Concept Behind Time And Attendance Systems

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Anyone who is thinking of implementing a Time and Attendance system into their company, needs to know what’s in it for them. Why they should outlay the money and what that system will actually do to improve the day to day running of the business.

When you first consider a time and attendance system, that’s all that you think about it doing, time and attendance and yet they can do a great deal more.

Of course, ultimately the essential part to the application is to monitor and track your employee’s whereabouts in real-time. To know that they have turned up to where they should be, on time and remained there to complete the job they are being paid to do, but used correctly you can gain so much more.

So, with Time and Attendance systems, like IQTimecard, what are the additional features:-

You can log all of your employee details including addresses and contact information, payroll details, national insurance numbers and dates of birth in one easy and manageable area. Information that’s forever stored.

You can keep information on your customer’s locations.

You can allocate pay rates to each individual employee and quickly and easily amend them to reflect any changes needed, ensuring that you have accurate records of both past and current pay information.

You can have quick and easy access to employee rotas, enabling you to see who should be where and for what length of time, but also with the facility to again quickly change to any new demands in their schedules and set these to run, either for a one off job or indefinitely, in a matter of seconds.

You can track holiday days both worked and still available, eliminating the need for manual processes to be in place.

You can set alerts to suit your needs. For example, if you only need to be alerted of non-attendance for certain locations or particular employees, or if you want to track every time someone clocks in or out.

You can let the system log the discrepancies for you, thus taking away the need to manually track when something has gone wrong or someone hasn’t turned up and of course it also lessens the likelihood of that information not getting to you and therefore enables you to take any appropriate action required.

You can run reports at the touch of a button, giving you instant access to information such as timesheets, payroll summaries, schedule and holiday reports and of course actual hours that have been worked, allowing the system to amend the time that should be being paid as required.

Think about the time and paper normally involved with keeping all this information and updating it as necessary. The ease at which things can be lost or updates that get forgotten because they are put to the back of a job list due to the time it takes to do them. All of these issues will be reduced with the introduction of a time and attendance system, that will track your employee’s whereabouts, but it will also give you so many more time and cost saving enhancements that won’t fail to benefit any business.

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