The Choleric Business Associate

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The Choleric personality type is very “driven” and “domineering.” You will know you are in the presence of this type of person, by the fact that you will feel almost “commanded” into action of some kind around them. They are very apt to delegate duties that they do not want to bother with, and they will stay “on” their employees and associates until they are satisfied with their progress.

The choler has a compulsive need for change and tend to want to “fix” anyone or anything that doesn’t meet their approval or does not seem “right” to them. They are very decisive and will even turn off their emotions when they are called upon to act rationally during a crisis.

This type of person is the top “cookie” in businesses. They thrive on opposition and, as annoying as they can be in their statements, tend to come out being “correct” almost every time. They accomplish their goals, display confidence, are determined to achieve, and very hard to discourage. Where the Sanguines are “born salespeople,” these folks are “born leaders.”

By definition, these people are known to be rather fussy and “set in their ways.” They can be seen in roles such as CEO, president, guru, leader, and “head-honcho” of the planet. Extremely “sure” of themselves, they generally prefer their own thoughts, ideas and opinions over pretty much anyone else’s, which can lead to a listener, feeling “talked down to” or “looked down upon” by them.

When speaking with prospects, a Choleric uses the “pitchy” mode most of the time…telling these “sales victims” that they MUST check out this newest product or business, or they will be sorry they didn’t. They will go into the information about the compensation plan and tell their prospect that they can make “millions” and be their own boss, have the control, manage other people…all “power promises” this temperamented person will use. You will rarely find this type of business leader taking “no” for answer from anyone.

Keirsey and even Myer-Briggs refers to a choleric as being a rationalist that wants to be consistently viewed as competent and even ingenious. Chols often can become very angry if others do not comply with what they want.

My suggestion is, if you have a Choleric person on your team, listen carefully to what they say, allow them to run their own business as much as possible, but do not place others non-Cholerics with them, unless those associates have a mix of both Choleric and other strong, positive traits that will hold their self-esteem in tact, as well as allow them to stand their ground with the feisty Choleric businessman or woman.

To give a better example of this personality type, some familiar people who are strong in this trait are: Jim Jones, Bill Gates, Alfred Hitchcock, Betty Davis, and Barbara Walters.

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