Success Depends on Individual Attributes

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Individuals often wonder why they are not financially well off. They believe that they have done everything needed to do, but still they are not close to doing well. The first problem lies in identifying why it is so. Some call it societal discrimination, some call it lack of networking, and some say that nepotism is not on their side. They probably think they can ride on someone’s name. Unfortunately, dwelling on irrelevant conspiracy is a reason for failure. It is always good to network and know someone who knows someone in order to have a favor done to us, but the most guaranteed approach is to be in control of your life. The rest will fall in place as soon as one is in control of its life and destiny.

Most of the ingredients to successful life are in us, and it is up to us to apply them where and when applicable. Knowing what we can and cannot do is essential in guiding our future. Employers do not hire individuals because they like them, they hire them because they know that they can do the job. They look for individuals, who can come in and tell them what they do not know. Employers are not willing to pay anyone to come in and tell them what they already know. They only hire individuals as part of their resources in order to produce and sell goods and services, and increase their market share in order to increase their profits. The problem is that an applicant has to fit the mole being sought by the employer. They want individuals of compelling appeal to their consumers. They are looking for those who will attract and keep their customers, those who are creative, and those with aggressive and conceptual abilities. Some people will say that they have MBA and still don’t have a job. The question is; does one have what it takes to get that dream job. College degree does not get anyone a job; it is a piece of paper. The bulk of the requirement is individual’s attributes. The characteristics of a job applicant play a great role in the job search.


An individual, who is confused, may find it difficult to know what he/she wants. For a successful pursuit of a career, individual should:

(1) Know what he/she wants and embark on it,

(2) eliminate procrastination,

(3) avoid indecision

(4) stop taking one step forward and two steps backwards,

(5) choose a profession, close on it and pursue it

(6) do not juggle too many things at the same time, e.g. work, school and family

(7) associate yourself with a mentor you look up to

(8) Avoid blaming others for your mistakes,

(9) avoid stubbornness and learn to take advice,

(10) avoid the approach of it’s my way or the high way,

(11) Learn to use time management technique,

(12) learn to be organized and

(13) stop defensive reasons why you are failing.

If someone’s several years approach did not get him/her anywhere, then it is time one listens to someone else’s ideas, and follow the approach. Time waits for no one. Dragging one’s feet on what ought to be done is time consuming and cost money. Hence, the sooner an individual decides on what steps to take, the better for the individual. When in a jam, the best thing to do is to contact a professional trainer and coach in order to seek advice.


Here are some attributes to think about: Is applicant

(a) creative,

(b) aggressive

(c) outgoing

(d) extrovert

(e) objective

(f) multitasking

(g) initiative

(h) communication skills

(i) leadership and managerial skills

(j) sales and marketing skills

(k) risk taker

(l) high self-esteem

(m) friendly

(n) problem solver

(o) critical thinker

(p) self-starter,

(q) trainable, and

(r) detail-oriented

(s) cool headed and calculated

These things are in us and learning how to apply them will require professional training and coaching in order to successfully land that dream job that will catapult to financial freedom.

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