Start A Dropshipping Business Simplified – For eBay & Amazon

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Dropshipping can be done in a number of ways. You just need an arrangement with a manufacturer or wholesaler to dropship articles for you. You promote the articles, sell them and pick up your share of the profits. The supplier does the rest! Note: Always make sure that the dropshipper is willing to handle returns; this makes the process much easier, and safer for you. Also be sure that you understand the company’s obligations, as well as yours, some companies charge so many additional fees that they can really eat into your profits. Read the fine print and if in doubt, have a lawyer read the contract on your behalf, or bail out.

You can dropship articles with or without a website. If you decide to run without a website you can list the dropship articles on eBay. You pay a small fee to eBay, sell the products and the dropshipper does the rest.

You can decide to create a website on any topic that you like. There are a lot of free web sites out there in addition to the low cost ones. After you have designed your website you can then feature articles or links to the items that you would like to sell. Your job is promotion.

Another option is to open an eBay storefront. Or you can find a reputable company which has gathered together a number of products for dropshipping, and you can purchase a storefront with them, they will then dropship the products you carry on your storefront as they sell. If you decide to go with a company, do your research and read every word of the fine print and contract. There are a lot of disreputable companies out there that mess up things for the reputable ones.

My choice was a simple one. When the chance to open a store where the products magically moved themselves from point A to point B presented itself to me I jumped at the opportunity. I now operate 3 storefronts, my theory is that there is safety in numbers and what the heck, costs are low because I do not have to actually purchase the stock that I sell.

My advice to anyone entering this new field is simple. Costs of doing business on the web are very low compared to the costs of opening the standard business. So your start up costs will not be high; they can range anywhere from a few dollars to a few thousand. Figure out what you are willing to invest and be prepared to work just as hard at an online business as you would at your standard retail store. Then jump in with both your hands clasped in a prayer. What can you lose? What can you gain?

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