Significance of Debilitated Moon in Astrology

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Characteristic of Moon:

  • Moon in the birth chart is considered of great importance because it is a very quick moving planet [it traverses one cycle of zodiac in about 27 days] and is capable of giving sudden good/bad results.
  • It is lord of sign Cancer.
  • It is cold, changeable, moist, receptive, female planet having Rajas qualities.
  • Its constellations are Rohini, Hast and Shravan.
  • Moon fully aspects the 7th house from it.
  • It has a Dasa period of 10 years in the chart.
  • Its sign of exaltation is Taurus and sign of debilitation is Scorpio.

Astrological significance of Moon:

  • It governs conception, embryo, animal instinct and birth of child.
  • It represents mother, home and country.
  • Power of mental brilliance, emotional activities and mental acts are controlled by the Moon.
  • Family life, home, personal affairs and general public is indicated by this planet.
  • Fertile Imagination, pleasurable pursuits and artistic mind are indicated by moon.
  • It acts as nourishing and soothing planet.
  • Left eye, breast, stomach, uterus, ovaries, body-fluids, lymph, bladder, and oesophagus are indicated by Moon.

Debilitated moon:

  • Debilitation is a state of a planet occupies its sign of detriment or fall; it is the weakest position of a planet. Moon gets very weak and debilitated when it transits in the sign Scorpio.
  • In the sign Scorpio the Moon fails to protect/promote the characteristics ruled by it.
  • The debilitated Moon placed in any auspicious houses destroys the good result of that house.
  • Strength/placement of depositor or Mars in this case should be analysed.
  • Aspects/association/conjunction of other planets to Moon should be analysed for correct prediction.
  • Consideration of Neech bhang raj yoga.
  • States of Moon infancy/old age and waxing/waning should be checked up.

Results of debilitated Moon for different ascendants:

Aries: Moon placed in 8th house in the state of debilitation indicates hard childhood, diseases related to cold and cough, chronicle diseases; this position is not favourable for mother/maternal relatives.

Taurus: Moon placed in 7th house indicates marital discord, loose morality, dissatisfaction with life partner, loose morality, many obstacles in career and misfortune after marriage.

Gemini: placement of Moon in 6th house indicates loss of inheritance, financial constraints, loss of accumulated wealth and suffering from the ailments of throat, eyes and mouth.

Cancer: debilitated Moon posited in 5th house shows cruel and cunning nature of the native, suffering from offspring’s, unfortunate love affairs resulting in emotional breakdown, inclination for malefic deeds.

Leo: placement of Moon in 4th house is inauspicious for family life; the native will be extremely emotional, problems related with conveyance and property, faces disgrace due to his stupid deeds.

Virgo: Moon in 3rd house lays obstacles in flow of income, discord with females, unfulfilled desires and dissatisfaction.

Libra: Moon placed in 2nd house indicates financial and family constraints, always unsuccessfulness; due to bad karma the native loses the inheritance and parental property and having malefic speech.

Scorpio: in ascendant Moon indicates egoistic nature, unsuccessfulness due to careless and extreme emotional nature, diseases of cold and cough are predicated.

Sagittarius: Moon in 12th house indicates fear and inferiority complex, limitation, hindrance, enforced retirement, sickness due to acts of indiscretion, enmities with females causing worry and trouble, due to extravagant nature repayment of loan becomes tough.

Capricorn: in 11th house Moon lays obstacles in married life, desertion by near ones and getting success in career after crossing many hurdles.

Aquarius: Moon in 10th signifies the disgrace in life due to malefic mentality, profession/occupation demanding constant change/voyage/travelling, dispute with government, constant suffering from disease/ loan/enemies, fluctuation in business/ occupation/profession, unsuccessfulness in any work, public scandal and censure.

Pisces: Debilitated Moon posited in 9th house indicates misfortune due to offspring, less progeny, disgrace for father, due to failed love affairs the native has to face disgrace with broken education.




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