Raise Your Value in Any Group – Invite Guests Regularly

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Would you like to increase the number of potential networking partners at your next chamber of commerce or business club event?  It’s simple.  Just invite a guest or two.  This is a tremendous way to expand your network and increase your stock with all concerned.

Members of chambers and other business clubs need new members and guests to continue the growth of the organization.  Most people will accept your invitation and enjoy the experience.  In this way you are serving both the organization and the guest(s) you invite.  It’s a win for both parties.

To the invited guest(s) you are saying, “I get a lot from this group and think you will too.  I value you and believe you can bring value to the group.”  At the same time you are telling the members of the chamber or business club that you value and appreciate them enough to recommend them to others. 

Who should you invite?  Business associates, co-workers, friends, and even family members should be considered.  But the best source for you to tap is in your client and vendor lists.  These are the people that will benefit the most and who will be able to reciprocate their appreciation.  When you help your clients and vendors grow they will become fiercely loyal to you.  Who doesn’t want loyal customers and vendors?

What’s more, since you have invited them to your organization, you can benefit from the role of host at an organization that is respected in the community.  Invite guests to a business meeting where everyone knows you and you will have celebrity status.  This will build your stature with all concerned.  Invite guests on a regular basis and you’ll begin to see others inviting guests more often as well.  This will help the group, the guests, and you grow incrementally.

Inviting guests should be personal.  Asking in person or while on the phone is ideal.  You can make the request through email if you must, but resist the temptation to invite through an electronic meeting request.  The more personal the invitation the more likely the invitee will attend and gain value from the experience. 

Invite a guest to the next chamber of commerce or business group meeting you are attending and you’ll be amazed how your relationship with all concerned grows and flourishes.

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