Pros And Cons Of Owning A Gift Basket Business At Home Vs Owning A Storefront Business

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Is the joy of owning a gift basket business at home greater than the pleasure derived from operating a storefront gift basket business? I have been on both sides of the fence and can therefore give first hand advice and opinions about this debate. Whether you want to start a basket business from home or if you are considering having a storefront, read the following pros and cons to help make your final decision.

Pros to Having A Gift Basket Business At Home:

-You will work long hours during holidays but at least you can be home for meal time and any other important family occasion or a good television show you don`t want to miss.

-You make your own hours and work at your own rate. You can leave to pick up your son at school or to go to your daughter’s presentation at 2 on a Tuesday.

-You can work in your pajamas when putting baskets together

-You can do your own personal errands while shopping for fruit and treats

-You can deduct a part of your home expenses on your small business income taxes

-You decide how much business you want by how many calls or marketing efforts you put out

Cons to Having A Basket Business At Home:

-Sometimes it will seem that you are always working, especially during holidays.

-If you don’t have the space in your home or garage to operate your business out of, your private spaces may become overwhelmed with baskets, product, ribbon, etc..

-You will have constant distractions at home that may prevent you from efficiently running your business.

-Some people may not consider your business to be as legitimate and professional as a storefront business.

Pros to Having A Storefront Gift Basket Business:

-If you are social and love meeting new people, a storefront business will introduce you to many new people.

-If you enjoy being a boss and having a team of people working for you, a storefront business will be perfect for you

-If you love creating displays and beautifying areas, a storefront will give you that opportunity

-If you love organizing product and formal inventories, consider a storefront.

-If you enjoy the image of being a storefront owner, your store will fulfill that wish.

Cons to Having A Storefront Basket Business:

-You will work long hours during holidays and be away from home for long periods of time.

-Marketing salespeople and product salespeople will take up lots of your time.

-People asking for donations will take up much of your time.

-Sometimes you won’t have time to do the actual work of making the baskets because of time-consuming customers asking for a specific shade of ribbon on their gift delivery.

-You won’t be able to personally just pick up and go get fruits for the basket you need to deliver this afternoon unless you have someone to take care of the store.

-You will need to work within acceptable store hours every day of the year except for holidays and maybe Sundays.

-Having a storefront basket business costs more than a home based basket business because you need to maintain an acceptable inventory, you need employees and you have to pay rent and utilities.

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