Outdoor Digital Advertising Tips – For a Rewarding Campaign

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When installing any outdoor digital signage project there are some things that cannot be ignored or overlooked, if they are you are just wasting your effort and money.

We will look at them in order of importance:

1. Plan the project – without sufficient planning the solution could be installed in an area with low foot traffic, or even worse vandals. Correct planning will certainly influence how fast you see a return on your investment, otherwise you may as well go out of your office and give the first person you see the money you would have spent on the project to them.

2. Installing the solution – this can be either an all in one solution using a digital poster or a solution that uses an LCD display and a media player, we will look at the later as this is were it gets costly (well sort of). If you are installing a group of displays in a network you have 2 options firstly to data cable the units or connect the units up to a secured WIFI network, depending upon the size of files and locations will depend upon the infrastructure used.

3. Selecting the correct screen – this can be a nightmare as many people try and use standard displays when starting out in digital signage that are designed for indoor home use only, the perfect solution is a commercial grade panel designed and manufactured to run 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. They may look the same but they are massively different.

4. LCD Enclosure – this is a special box that offers both International water ingress protection to IP65 and NEMA 4X. Some of these LCD enclosures on the market are equipped with internal heating and cooling solutions as a high flow air current is essential in the enclosure to remove any warm air that the TVs generates inside the case.

5. Media player – this will depend if you are going down the WIFI route or wired, if wireless ensure that the network is secured and all the default settings are changed, otherwise some people will be advertising on your network free of charge, worse still they could hijack the network and hold it to randsom, use the inbuilt firewall to guard against from Trojans and viruses.

6. Software – many media players come as standard with complex software built in, check it out when you are looking through specifications. If it is included in the media player you don’t want to be buying any more.

Now these 6 basic rules will help you produce a project that will work efficiently from the first day, taking a short cut in any one of these rules will put a project in serious jeopardy.

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