Online Advertising- What to Look For in an Emagazine Publisher

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Emagazine advertising is one of the most popular ways to market yourself online. Not only is your advert or article going out by email, if your publisher is archiving each Emagazine, the search engines are looking at it as well.

Search the Internet, sign up for a few relevant Emagazines and choose your publisher carefully. Ensure they maintain the following standards:


Each Emagazine must have a mailing list, which is double opt in, with an unsubscribe link at the bottom of each issue. If your chosen publisher does this, then you know they offer a quality service. Furthermore, each reader will have gone through 2 processes to get on the mailing list. That is dedication and they are definitely interested in reading the publication. This is good news for you and your advertising campaign!


Each Emagazine should have quality content that is relevant to the publication. Content is king on the Internet and search engines love it. Look for editorial, articles and quality features. Is the content friendly? How well is it written?


Does your chosen publisher archive their Emagazines online? If they do, then this is a sure way to get real value from your advert. Each of your adverts, that has a link to your site in, will remain online and work for you well into the future.


Check how many subscribers your publisher has and how established the Emagazine is. Review this carefully. 1000 + is a good number to start with, but depending on the publication, even 100 well placed subscribers can be good for your exposure.


Does the publisher offer any testimonials from previous advertisers? The more of these the better, it means that the Emagazine works.


Designing a campaign that doesn’t hurt the pocket or give you a headache is an art. Does your publisher offer you a suggested campaign that is within your budget? How have they helped others with their advertising?


Check out the archives of the Emagazines that you propose to advertise in and rate them for quality. The last thing you want to do, is to be associated with a publication that does not have any design sense or worse still, typing errors!

You will not go wrong if you look carefully at each of these items and use this list as a checklist, before you decide where to advertise. Good luck!

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