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The Star of David is religious symbol for Jewish people, but not many people know the meaning of the symbol.

The star is made up of 2 superimposed triangles forming a 6-point star. In Hebrew, the star is called Magen David, which translates to Shield of David. The star is also part of Israel’s national flag and denotes unity.

How the Star of David came about is not very clear. However, there is evidence that in the ancient times, the star was used by both the Muslims and Christians. Strangely, the star is more often linked with King Solomon instead of King David. And, in the rabbinic texts, there was no mention of the star until the Middle Ages. After this period, the star got connected with spiritualism by the Kabbalah followers.

It was the year 1354 when the Star of David was used for the first time as Jewish symbol. This even took place in Prague when Emperor Charles IV allowed the Jewish people to have their own flag. The people choose this symbol for their flag. In 1500s, when the emperor visited Prague, he was welcomed with banners displaying the star.

In the 1600s, Prague was ruled by Emperor Ferdinand II and during this time the Swedish attacked the city. It was the Jewish people of the city who helped to defend it. To show his appreciation, the emperor allowed the people to take on a coat of arms. This was indeed an honor as it was only the rights of the nobility to have coat of arms.

The history on why the Star of David is a symbol of Judaism is still not clear. Some experts contend that when Jerusalem was under siege by Alexander the Great and while defending their city, the Jewish soldiers had a 6-point star on their shields where one star marked King David, while the other was for the Messiah, the king’s descendent.

Whatever were the reasons for adopting the star as a symbol of Judaism, the star became omnipotent all Jewish architectures and religious sites.

During the Second World War, all Jewish people had to wear yellow colored Star of David, which was seen as a badge of shame. However, after the war, the star attained the status of honor and respect. Today, the meaning of Star of David is hope and security all any Jewish person who looks for it.

The star has several symbolic meanings attached to it. For instance, the triangle pointing upwards denotes good deeds that are reaching out to the heavens to attract goodness to the earth. While, the inverted triangle is symbolic of that goodness reaching out to the earth. Others contend that the star is indicative of God’s absolute rule across the entire universe, and all directions are under the rule of God. The star could also symbolize good and evil.

Another symbolic meaning of the star is the relationship between the Jewish people and God. The triangle pointing upwards symbolizes God, while the one pointing downwards symbolizes the Jewish people.

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