Making Goals More Manageable

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Dreams and aspirations will only become realizable goals if they can be effectively managed. High ambitions may become too overwhelming if they are very difficult and complicated to accomplish. Individuals may end up seeking lesser aspirations that are below their potentials. As a result, they end up doing mediocre and less fulfilling pursuits.

No matter how difficult or complicated ambitions might seem, they can become achievable and realistic goals if they can be made manageable. There are several techniques to convert aspirations into manageable goals. Of course, any technique should pass the basic SMART goal setting criteria, which stand for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely or time-bound.

Challenging goals

As the saying goes, things that are worth pursuing are oftentimes difficult to attain. This is especially true when it comes to the initiation stage of pursuing goals. Case in point is a start up business that still has to attract a clientele base and needs to out-perform or out-wit the well-established competitors.

Nonetheless, challenging goals should be realistic or attainable given the resources, abilities and other circumstances. For instance, if the available start up capital is only worth for a small business, an entrepreneur cannot realistically aim to compete with large corporations.

Challenging or difficult goals will also provide the necessary impetus because of the sense of achievement that they will bring. Achieving difficult goals may bring financial security, career advancement, honor and recognition, fame, power and self actualization.

Be specific

Dreams and aspirations can only be manageable goals if they are specific. Vague goals are direction-less goals that can easily be discarded or arbitrarily modified. Goals should have specific details that are measurable. These will serve as the standard parameters whereby efforts can be directed upon.

However, goals should not be too specific or too detailed that they become ridiculously inflexible and unrealistic. For instance, a goal to have some extra monthly income is too vague but making it exactly 1,346.77 dollars per month is already too specific, making it hard to attain exactly. A reasonably specific goal should have some room or range for adjustments that will still make it satisfactorily achievable.

Breakdown goals

Seemingly difficult goals become a lot more manageable if they are broken down into smaller increments or intermediate objectives. In this manner, goals will be less overwhelming and some sense of accomplishment can be attained. These will provide boost to confidence, making it easier to assess the current situation and the direction to take.

Just imagine a very long novel that is not divided into chapters and paragraphs. It would be very frustrating and tiring to read even if the story is interesting and insightful. Similar thing can be said about long-term and more serious goals.

Breaking down goals into smaller and manageable chunks will make them a lot less intimidating. Each small step will serve as a milestone, bringing individuals closer to their long-term goals.

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