Logos ‘Made Easy’ For Your Home Based Small Business

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A logo is most people’s first introduction to your top home business and you want it to something that people will find interesting enough so that it sticks in their memory. This is your identity, it is what sets you apart, and this is not the time to try to save on money because it is what your future customers are going to remember you by!

When done correctly, your logo will instill in your customers a good first impression and will ultimately build brand loyalty. It gives your new at home based business the look of an established company and one that is genuine!

There are three main logo types:

· Logos that represent what the company does – a house painter might show a paint brush, a dog trainer might show a dog on a leash, a realtor would certain show a home

· Font Based Logos – Think IBM, Sony, Microsoft, Bic, Honda, Ford

· Abstract Graphics – like Adidas, Apple, Chevrolet, and Nike.

Until you’ve built your home based small business into a “household name” it is best to stick with either a font-based logo or a logo that represents what you do. An abstract graphic means nothing until you’ve built the brand recognition using a combination of graphic and fonts.

How to Begin:

Before you begin designing your logo, be sure you have your mission statement clearly in mind. Your logo will ideally embody what you are in business to do.

· Check out logos from businesses similar to yours. Research your competitors and see how you want your at home based business to stand out from theirs.

· Send a clear message. You already know how important your message is. What message do you want to send with your logo?

· It should be crisp and clean. Your logo needs to look good on web sites, the side of a truck, business cards, on faxes, on your letterhead, etc. Create a logo that looks in both color and black and white.

· Let your work from home company name drive the design. If you’re an artist, you may want more flourish to your font than you would if you have a electrical business.

· Your key benefit might make a good logo. For example if you have company focused on mentoring guiding people to success, a compass might be a good logo.

· Stay away from clip art. Original art will make a better impression and set your top home based business apart from your competition.

· Avoid trendy looks. It may seem tempting, but if you need to change your logo every year to keep up with the latest trend your customers will get confused about your product or service.

Now that you’ve got an idea of what you want, I suggest you outsource the actual creation of your design to the professionals. We’ve used rent-a-coder, elance, odesk, and WOW just to name a few.

Creating your logo should be fun. For not much money you can have several designs to choose from in just a few days. Once you’ve got the right logo, your top home business can start to build a reputation, brand loyalty and a following that will help you whther you’re full time or part-time trying to earn extra money from home!

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