Lean Six Sigma Training and Lean Six Sigma Certification

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Online Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification courses allow an individual to work at their own pace, although there is usually a set time limit within which one should finish their Training. The on site Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification courses are completed at designated times and days that are predetermined by the Training provider.

Lean uses the philosophy of applying pressure for speed and quality in the manufacturing world of business. This has evolved from a small to a large scale quality initiative to get rid of defects in business and production by getting rid of variations in a process or service. This was first used in the United States by GE. Then came Caterpillar finance, as well as Lockheed Martin.

The Lean philosophies and tools for services are used as a method for improving business, using the best parts of the Six Sigma philosophies. This not only gives shareholders more value, but also gives the company a fast rate of improvement when it comes to speed, quality, cost, capital, and customer satisfaction. The difference between Lean and traditional Six Sigma is that the lean technique realizes and teaches that you simply can’t only focus on speed or quality, but the overall company must be balanced in order to help the company be the best it can be. Lean Six Sigma helps companies to improve their service quality, which customers deem as acceptable.

Without customers, a business is simply a dream. The idea behind Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification in a business is to focus on what the customer sees as far as product or service, overall costs, and functioning. If a company must pass on costs to a customer instead of absorb them, the customer may not use this company or service. Lean Six Sigma finds and teaches ways of helping with reduction of the use of major capital to help avoid this situation. Lean can bring processes under control, improve speed and reduce capital required, as well as reduce cost of complexity for the business.

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