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It is remarkably simple to get started with an online presence for your new business start-up these days. As I have progressed down the path for a number of different business’ in a variety of markets, I found that you do not have to spend a lot of money developing the image, branding and marketing. You can harness the tools available to produce a quality, simple and effective site that will deliver your needs.

I have been self employed for over a decade and never had the motivation to learn the process. We always hired outside consultants and professionals to do the “hard work”. In these economic down times we are all faced with difficult choices like; How to do more with less. How to maintain basic needs and comforts without blowing up your budget. Suddenly I had the motivation, without the tools and means to accomplish them. So off I went to establish some fundamental building blocks on a budget. My new philosophy became “get it going, maybe a bit messy but at least we have activity. We can learn from the wins and losses and make it better as we go”.

There are a number of different programs and charlatans that I have come across in my digital travels. It is hard to find the trustworthy sources. It is worth noting that they do exist and when you find them, they are well worth the investment of time.

I found a number of sites that strung together to complete the circle and within just a few hours I was able to put together a functioning lead generation site and ready to capitalize on the phenomena of pay per click, or PPC. This is the simple “quick start” feature that will allow you almost instant feedback on what is working and what is not. You can target geographically, demographically around your budget. By tracking which adds in which locations are getting responses you can tailor your “pitch” to suit the audience. In addition, the tools exist to quickly modify your web content to adjust to the campaign performance.

It is imperative in this fast paced world that you bring value and expertise to your business quickly, without (or with minimal) cost to the end user. I have found that it is really a solid principal to the first goal in developing a long term relationship. At the end of the day you want to do business with your friends, so why do you expect your potential customers to do otherwise themselves.

Mission number one; Get in front of the right people. Second, get on the same side of the table, build a connection and give value. Third, maintain the connection and continue to over perform and over deliver above their expectations. From there it builds trust and trust is the foundation for any long term relationship.

If you are ever in doubt or question what to do next, take an honest look at yourself and do how you would want to be treated. You are a your own best customer.

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