How to Get a New Career in This Economy!

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Hello, first off let me thank you for reading my article!  Now lets get straight to the point.  I know that there are a lot of you that are considering a career change, and most people are probably telling you to reconsider, because of the current economy!  We all know that everyday companies in the U.S., are freezing their hiring departments.  That can make the career change even more of a challenge.  Not to mention that fact that just about every job post on the net, gets an average of over 100 resumes!  This is one of the bigger challenges right now.  Also, you have A LOT of people constantly getting laid off, so they too are looking for a new job.  It is just a bad time right now in the U.S. and tough to get a job. 

With all that said, there is still hope out there!  First, thing I want you to know is that your resume is very important!  This is the only thing that employers will have to judge you and your skill set by!  With this in mind, remember that you basically are trying to sell yourself!  You want to take your skills to the limit.  Make sure to “beef” up your resume, but don’t lie!  Many employers these days, do check your resources and contact them, so you don’t want to get caught in a lie, or you will most certainly lose all chances of getting that job!  Probably one of the best tips I can give you, when it comes to your resume, is to remember that these days people are using software to check resumes.  Knowing this, you won’t to try to include the keywords you think that an employer looking for your skills would want.  Normally, the resumes with the highest matching keywords are the ones that get the interviews!

I also wanted to talk to you about where you are looking for a job.  Consider looking in the newspaper and other local sources, that won’t have quite as many applicants!  Like I said, the local newspaper, can sometimes be your best bet., can also be one helpful place, because I don’t think as many people know to go there looking for a job, and the jobs are constantly updated.  There are many resources out there like this, just keep searching and you will find them!

I am going to close for now, but if you don’t get your dream job/career overnight, don’t get discouraged!  Just keep posting your resume and thinking outside the “box”!  I have faith that you will get your NEW JOB/CAREER!  If you want some other helpful resources the go to []

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