How To Effectively Schedule and Run Meetings

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The first thing to keep in mind with team meetings is that they need to be scheduled in advance and not only when things are going to “heck in a hand basket” which is when most people tend to book their team meetings!

These types of “reactionary” meetings tend to quickly become gossip sessions and really are of no value to anyone! Booking meetings in advance and having a team meeting agenda for each meeting is the first step for sure!

The reason having an agenda is such a great idea is because it focuses the group on the important tasks at hand and tends to limit the scope of the meeting. I have sat in on way too many chiropractic team meetings that turned into either evangelical speeches or soap box grandstanding and where really very little was accomplished that was of any value!

I also believe there is a value to EACH team member contributing equally to the team meeting! After all as the old saying says there is no I in team so let’s allow each member of the team to share their brilliance and ideas with the rest of the team!

In my team meetings every member of the team is expected to bring no less than one and no more than three ideas to each team meeting that will help us fulfill our mission statement in a more efficient and/or effective manner!

These ideas are to be written out on the agenda sheet before the team meetings and the team member is expected to be very prepared to present their idea, the potential upside and downside to implementation, any perceived roadblocks to effective implementation and a time line for the effective implementation of their idea!

by following this simple strategy i tend to have team members who work with me instead of working for me! What a difference that makes in the team and in the results the team can achieve together!

Team meetings should be no longer than 45 minute to an hour in length and should be done on a weekly basis to maintain momentum and continuity in the practice! If you have never done team meetings before you may choose to start out doing them once every two weeks or even once a month until you start to realize the value of them and get the hang of them and therefore graduate to once a week meetings!

I believe there is a value to alternating the team meetings between team training meetings and the kind of information based growth oriented meetings I have been referring to in this article! Team training meetings are a completely different “kettle of fish” so I will get into details about that in a later article.

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