How Ezine Advertising and Solo Ads Can Greatly Help Build Your List

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By this point in time, pretty well everyone is well versed in the traditional methods of marketing when it comes to building up your email list. The traditional methods tend to be labor intensive free methods, things like article marketing and SEM marketing. A big part of the appeal of these methods is the fact that they are free to use, and that most people understand how they work on a pretty intuitive level without much coaching. But then there are a number of different methods out there which are extremely powerful, fast and effective that are lesser known and somewhat more unconventional. One excellent, extremely effective but more uncommon method of getting traffic to build your list is through using ezine advertisements and solo ads.

With these methods, you are essentially going to be looking for people who already have large lists that they leverage either for an ezine or for a newsletter, and you are going to get in contact with them about purchasing ad space in the next letter they send to their list.

If you are going to utilize this method, than the first thing you need to do is find all the people out there who have large lists that are related to your niche or target market. There are a couple of ways to find these people. First, you can go through directories of Ezines and the like and find people on there who state that they are open to selling ad space. Next, you can post on forums filled with other internet marketers (like the Warrior Forum) and advertise that you are looking to purchase ad space in someone’s next mailing. Finally, you can simply search through Google and find the people who are making money and succeeding in your niche, and you can try and see if they have lists and if they are willing to sell ad space in them.

In general, the two latter methods seem to work a little better. Ezine directories aren’t necessarily that reliable sources of up to date and active lists. I find that you get a much better quality list and interaction when you find the person through Google, or through forums devoted to active and savvy internet marketers. While posting to forums generally produces some qualified candidates pretty quickly, the Google method of finding people tends to run a little slower. A big reason for this is the fact that the people you will be contacting will often be your competition, or they won’t have a list at all, or they simply don’t sell ad space in their lists. Still, when you find a partner through this method, they will probably get you a lot of new followers for your list.

Once you find people who are willing to do this with you, work out the terms- things like what they will charge you, when they are going to send out your ad, etc. You are going to have to write the ad yourself. Because you will be paying a substantial amount for the number of people you are reaching with your add, you want to make sure that the ad is proven to perform well before you have your partner send it out.

After your ad is done, send it to them, they include it in their mailing and you should see a great influx of high quality, qualified people to your list. This might be the fastest way to get opt ins when you are just starting to build your list.

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