Honor Mom With A Spin Around The Bagua

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Are we spinning our wheels in a world of information overload? We keep getting reminders about mindfulness and clutter clearing. Science tells us that multi-tasking is not good for our brains. And we discovered that women, specifically mothers, are the best multi-taskers of all. Men insist on doing “first things first,” as they like to point out, but mothers really don’t have choice. Therefore, to celebrate all mothers during the month of May, we take a look at assisting moms with one of feng shui’s best organizing principles, the symbolic map called “bagua” which means “eight sectors.”

Let’s walk around the bagua and focus on specifics. The bagua aims to enlighten and guide those who seek to follow the path of optimal performance. We enter the eight-sector grid at the threshold of “now,” fully aware that the “self” carries the heritage of complex and personal histories. Traditional feng shui designates this area to “career,” but there is much more gist to the personal myth than just a career path. At this point of entry to the bagua, we introduce our personal vibrations to the space and radiate our energy into the environment.

Stepping left in our clockwise journey around the bagua, we honor mother’s wisdom and knowledge which is rooted in her education but also reveals how she continues to cultivate her persona. Next, in stepping forward, the “family” gua reaches far beyond the nucleus of immediate family and extends to friends and community, including those who came before us. Mom is the glue that holds all of them together with a loving embrace and nurturing care.

The popular “wealth” corner of the bagua cannot be underestimated as a position of power. In any space or property it is the perch of greatest visual input and should be mom’s point of executive reign. Often she is the source of a man’s prosperity and the inspiration to his success. The “future” gua at the zenith of our symbolic map provides the psychic impetus to shine a light on our social standing when mothers insists on integrity and reputable behavior.

The home gua of marital bliss and “relationships” is mom’s forte where she networks in silent strength. She is the peace maker and bridges the gap in many a rift when the need is greatest. Her “legacy” gua, which includes “children” or any other of her multi-tasking projects, is the creative underpinning of all her endeavors.

The next and last of the eight sectors is the traditional “helpful people” corner. In modern feng shui we dedicate this area to “compassion.” When the need arises, Mom will always be the one to extend a helping hand and stand firm as the anchor of “support.”

From all points of our octagon pattern, we look toward the center, the “tai ji” area which is the “great ultimate” in spiritual parlance. In mundane interpretations, feng shui has assigned this sector to “health.” Mothers are the life-giving and sustaining promoters of physical and mental health. They are the superstars of humanity’s provenance and survival. Let’s celebrate moms for more than a day during the merry month of May.

We would like to activate all sectors of the bagua to bring beneficial qi (chi) to mom and her clan with feng shui recommendations:

• A water feature for the entry area

• A crystal bowl with blue flowers for wisdom and deep insights

• Succulents for the family gua

• A jade plant for wealth and empowerment

• Red roses for the future gua

• Pink roses for love and relationships

• White gardenias in legacy

• A wind chime or bell for support

• And a bouquet of yellow roses in the center

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