Guidelines to Prepare a Winning Technical Resume

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A technical resume should be a clear reflection of an individual’s technical skills and proficiency. The format should be simple with specified categories for quick scan of an individual’s knowledge, skills, and talents by the employer.

If you are looking out for any change in job or applying for the first time, then here are some important guidelines to keep in mind while writing a technical resume.

In the beginning of the resume mention the necessary details like your full name, birth date, and contact details. Following that you should mention a precise statement to put forward your opinion about the applied position and along with present your aim your objective in life with regards to the technical career.

After a short and clear objective, list down your work history with detailed explanation of the duties performed. Ensure that the information you give is strictly related to the applied job. Remove all irrelevant information and experiences from your resume. Highlight your achievements, special projects handled, technical skills in favor of the job, and you initiatives for enhanced efficiency. Make all relevant skills clear and deep with examples from your previous job.

Follow your work history with your educational qualification. First list down all the important certifications and degree earned in the technical field and then mention the basic education from school and college. Highlight your accomplishments and technical projects handled during your school or college time.

You can use keywords to favor your resume with a magical power. You should list down your specialized area of technicality and your interest in any specified field. Management of hardware, networking, programming, web applications, database applications, operating system, computer languages, Java, C++, and software management are also important keywords that add power to your resume. Do not make it excessively lengthy but choose the most significant strengths and list them in bullets.

Give your resume a completely professional or corporate look. Avoid any kind of elementary information like your hobbies, interest, and desires. Instead keep your focus on your skills, abilities, strengths, and technical know-how. Remember it’s a technical resume so make it purely technical so that no employer can reject your application.

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