Getting Ready to Go Viral With Video Marketing

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Increasingly advertisers are utilizing video as broadband usage continues to rise & ad-serving technologies become more and more sophisticated. Online video advertising is absolutely exploding in its usage. Users’ attention can be captured & ads stand out from the crowd in an increasingly ad-cluttered online world. Upfront video formats cost a lot more to create and maintain than standard banners & involve much more production & implementation work but it may well be worth all of that because there is such a high potential to achieve greater response rates.

The how, where and why of using online video is what marketers need to thoughtfully consider to ensure ultimate effectiveness. Videos to be used for advertising and marketing on the Internet should be used to provide information that is useful to the end user. It also should be used to communicate productive information. When using videos to advertise, the proper methods should be used. Video should be captivating but non-intrusive. There are websites that have audio/video content in pop-ups where the web surfer is not expecting it. Everyone seeing the page will certainly see and hear the video but are quite likely to be annoyed rather than captivated.

Cached and streaming video on a targeted site offers the best opportunity of interesting customers to your product. The next step is to get the video in front of as many people as possible. Video channels like YouTube and Bliptv make it easy for people to access your videos. Often if your video is catchy, it may be recommended or go viral online. some of the most simple videos have caught on and brought tons of attention to the creator. Usually funny, gross, and cute videos are the ones that go viral. Videos that are specific to certain types of formats should be avoided. For example if you create a video that can only opened by i-tunes you will lose out on a lot of people who do not have that format.

Always make sure that your video points to your main marketing site, after all you want your marketing efforts to increase your brand and your visibility on the web.

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