Getting A Business Loan In Montana

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Business loans are needed when a business starts up, when it is

expanding, for buying equipment, building inventory, or to overcome a business cycle. Businesses have various options to choose from. They can approach banks to grant them the money needed or independent financial institutions can help them. When you are considering getting a business loan try approaching a broker as they may get you in touch with a lender who suits your business needs the best. It is makes finding a business loan in Montana very easy if you know a good broker.

Business Loans in Montana:

Different types of business loans are available in Montana. Short-term loans have a short tenure such as, 6 to 12, months and are repaid at the end of the term as a lump sum usually. Intermediate term loan period is usually of 1 to 3 years of duration. such loans are used for buying equipment etc. The duration of long-term loan is usually from 3 to 7 years and used for financing business start ups and major expansions etc. Lines of credit can be used for temporary cash shortages, and credit card advance are sometimes used to get the money needed for business. Factoring is another means of getting a business loan; businesses sell their invoices to a third party to get a loan, they are charged a fee of 3 to 5 % and receive 80% cash immediately and the rest after clients pay the lender.


For finding a business loan in Montana, you will need to provide certain documents in order to get approval. The documents are, well-drafted business plan, projected income and expenses, articles of incorporation or LLC organizational documents, proof of ownership, financial statements, personal tax returns, details how the loan money will be used etc,. The lenders will check the personal as well as the business credit history, the cash flow of the business, the collateral offered, the debt-to-equity ratio, if the owner is investing his money in the venture, the ability to pay off the loan etc.

Finding a business loan in Montana is easy. You could try doing some research on the Internet and get a list of all banks that are located in your city. The SBA website has excellent links to SBA certified banks and other lenders and you can browse and contact those located in your city and choose from them.

The interest rates varies from lender to lender so do some research, study the application using the advice of an attorney and go for the loan that is right for your business and has terms that suit you.

There are firms that offer their services as well as products to get business loans in Montana.

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