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You love cooking and spend a lot of time finding new recipes and trying them at home. At some point you start to wonder if a professional career in culinary arts in the best thing for you. In fact it might be since it is best to work something you really enjoy.

However cooking for your family and friends is much different from cooking in a restaurant, let alone from being a chef of a major food chain. There are several things you need to consider carefully before jumping into this.

First of all you will need some education. Even if you are really good in cooking and are able to come out with your own recipes, a professional training is required if you want to work for a big restaurant. Moreover you will learn a lot about food and food preparation as well as some inside secrets of the culinary arts business. A professional education will show you all of the culinary arts career options and this will definitely open your eyes.

Once you have a certificate and have made the choice for your professional orientation you will need to find a job. Be ready to start from the bottom of the “food-chain”. As with any other job you will need to start with a job as a preparation cook and than move up to assistant and main chef positions. Of course if you have gained a specialized training you can start at a better position.

If you already have some kind of managerial training and background you can look for a managerial job. However even if it is possible to find such job instantly, it will be best if you have worked for a couple of years as a chef so that you learn the “kitchen secrets”. Then the job of an executive chef will be much easier.

Regardless of the path chosen you will have to be ready for working long hours, sometimes during the weekends. Moreover you will have to learn how to make a dish not only tasty but pleasant for the eye. You will need to be very patient and consistent with your work and always look for ways for improvement.

Finally think about the earnings. You may dream for high salary similar to some of the famous chefs however the reality may be different. You earnings will depend on the type of the restaurant you work in and your skills.

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