Evergreen Marketing With QR Codes

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Information is advertised by the minute, day, week, monthly or seasonal, updating customers on the move. This evergreen, recyclable form of promoting will cut marketing costs once initial set-up is completed.

Mobile devices have an inbuilt camera to scan a code taking the customer directly to relevant information.

Digital Service Providers should assist potential customers on where to obtain the scanner reader app. Advice on where free apps are distributed online for devices, remember many clients are unaware on how scanning works. A short detailed guide in the form of an infographic may be the answer to accessing information quickly.

How to market with a the code depends entirely on the type of business, for example;

1. Corporate business may find business cards with a QR Code effective. Code would Store relevant information pertaining to the individual, reflecting credentials and contact numbers.

2. Retailers may decide on discounted Summer or Winter fashions reflecting range of products.

3. Food outlets have discounted rates pertaining to the time of day.

QR Codes are able to store large amounts of data, and small businesses do not need to own a website. Data storage is offered by the Digital Service Provider, for the business the expense is applied to advertising costs.

What is expected; Small business owner prepares detailed advertisements required. Information is then transferred to the Digital Service Provider, thereafter hosted and maintained on your behalf at a reasonable fee.

A QR Code is generated and supplied to the business for the printing process. Business decides on the Print Company and method of distribution.

Suggested methods is to advertise in magazines, on fridge magnets, coffee mugs, T-shirts, business cards, flyers, any place of advertising material the business regularly uses.

Once printed the information may vary behind the code, making it an evergreen advertising medium.

Ideas that come to mind: A table menu in food outlets could have a QR Code game running in store, customers scan and get a reduction off the meal.

Fridge magnet advertising extending special discounted prices on seasonal advertising such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day specials. When the customer is looking for a gift they remember the gift of the fridge magnet you issued, scan the QR Code to see what specials the store is offering.

Modern day shopping is sought after on a digital device, saving time, saving money obtaining facts before making a purchase.

Make offers obtainable for when the customer is ready, having a printed QR Code allows the customer to see what is on offer before visiting the store.

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