Can You Write a 15 Minute Resume for Employment?

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In 15 minutes, you can wash your car, get your Starbucks, or grab a sandwich. A lot can be accomplished in just 15 minutes, but could you craft your award winning resume for Los Angeles employment in just 15 minutes?…Of course not, unless you’re not serious in finding a new and good job in the Los Angeles area.

Whenever something is promised in a small amount of time, you need to evaluate if it sounds too easy and too good to be true.There are many tools and services on the market that offer quick completion of your job searching documents which are just a regurgitation of the information you already entered. You graduated from school in Burbank, lived in Glendale location for 3 years, worked for this agency, etc.

There will always be low cost products and services out there which promise the world for next to no cost, but there is the issue whether they actually work or not. Resumes and cover letters that are force-fed into a template look just as bad, and there is no flare to sell you over the harsh competition. You need to offer your absolute best, which is a solid piece of paper outlining your life and what you can offer to this new company in the 15 minute interview.

Crafting the Perfect Resume:

Crafting the perfect resume is an art requiring much creativity only learned by practice or proper direction. You may ask yourself if a professional resume writer is the best approach for landing your new job. The following are some key reasons why hiring a professional resume writer gives you a leg up over your competing peers:

• Resume writers will take time to know you and your employment objectives

• They know the right questions to ask you to get that “sizzle” which sets you apart

• Professionals are current on employment trends & current buzz

• They are able to put together a solid employment package making you look fantastic!

With clear direction of your professional strengths and weaknesses, a resume professional helps you craft the perfect and strongest employment documents, making many decisions in what information to and not to include, and what your strongest attributes are to highlight. Resume professionals can properly portray your diverse or unusual work experience, relocation desires, or patterns of achievement and advancement.

The following are two examples comparing the language of the “15 minute resume” with that of a resume professional:

15 Minute Resume:

2004 – 2007 Freight Manager. In charge of managing all freight.

From a Resume Professional:

2004 – 2007 Freight Manager. Oversaw and managed the delivery of a multimillion dollar freight, operations, and logistics department with daily tasks including monitoring inventory, reducing inventory losses, and managing relationships with freight partners in the Los Angeles area.

Obviously most employers will select the latter previous job description over the first. This second applicant demonstrated her professionalism and successful past work history right out of the gate.

What a Professionally Prepared Resume Can Do For You:

Your resume is a piece of paper that represents an in-depth portrayal of your professional (and sometimes personal) life, and not a haphazard listing of dates, places, and duties. Such content can be very one dimensional, so you want to ensure your resume has content which will present you in a better light to hiring managers.

Because a resume is typically your initial introduction to your potential employer, your employment package (usually including your professionally prepared resume, cover letter, and other requested documentation) should really stand out and grab the reader’s attention. You want to present your credentials in a manner which your knowledge, skills, and achievements are highlighted (avoiding the 9 month stint when you lived with your folks).

Nothing kills your resume, and for that matter your credibility faster than typos, misspellings, and other grammatical or formatting errors in your resume. A professionally prepared resume does not leave room for this type of dramatically errors and will increase your professionalism. A professionally prepared resume conveys to your prospective employer that you understand the “rules” of the business or commercial world.

Is Your Professional Future Worth More Than 15 Minutes?

If you have any sincere care for your future career and success, you bet it’s worth more than 15 minutes! Securing the right job position with the right company and at the right compensation package doesn’t happen in 15 minutes. Much time and effort is required on your part. However, you can save a lot of time and gain a significant advantage by utilizing a professional resume service. A professional resume service can get you employed quicker with a higher salary and your desired position. You can look at this as a small investment to a larger weekly paycheck, which everyone sure needs in the increasing cost of living in Los Angeles. I don’t know a single 15 minute resume which can do that.

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