Banner Stands Give the Most Bang for the Advertising Buck!

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Ever wonder what advertising or marketing tool will get the most bang for the buck? When it comes to catching people’s attention, drawing them into the message and being exposed to a large area at one time, banner stands are on top of the list and stand out from the crowd.

The average retractable roll up stand is 33.5″ x 78.5″. This is a very noticeable size and will by default, grab someone’s attention. To garner even more attention, create a banner that really speaks to the crowd. Whether the marketing tactic is a saying, image or both, stands give an edge over the competition. They are large and readily noticeable.

Another great advantage to using banner stands is that they provide a professional appearance to the banner and the display. Marketing and advertising to potential customers relies heavily on first impression. If customers see a well put together display that has a clear, focused and presentable setup, they will be more likely to not only stop by your location but also buy a product or service. The same is true for retail stores and other small businesses.

Banner display stands get the message out in the open. A company could have the best sale or largest variety of items but if the seller does not make it known, nobody will know! This is why banner stands with sale banners are an excellent option. They can be placed by the door, in certain departments or directly by the item that is being advertised. In general, it is a way to market to a large group of people.  Being seen is half the battle.

Possibly the most recognized reason display stands give the biggest bang for the advertising buck is the length of time that they can be used. Unlike ordinary advertising tools, stands and vinyl banners are not one time use items unless they are created for a specific date and time. Newspaper ads, paper signs, mailers and more are all only good for one use. More often times than not, they either get tossed to the side for later or automatically thrown away. Either way, they are not reaching your target audience- let alone anyone.

In the end, banner stands are considered an investment for a couple of reasons. The first reason being that they pay for themselves after the first few times and often after the first time. Even in its initial stages of use, it already takes itself out of the “expense” range.  Even after it has earned its repayment, a stand will keep working for you for years. This makes it not only an investment but an active profit maker as well. With the exposure they give businesses along with the professional appearance, ease of use and added sales, it is easy to see why many people choose banner stands over so many other forms of marketing and advertising options available to them. 

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