3 Tips for LinkedIn Mastery

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A Professional Profile Picture

LinkedIn is a platform aimed at business professionals. There are many different types of industries and standards therein. However, profile images that are common on social networking sites like Facebook and or MySpace may not be appropriate for LinkedIn. You should always seek to be unique and stand out from the crowd but an image of you at the beach may not get you the feedback or response you’re after. This is especially true if you are looking for a position with a company that holds such things as professional imagery paramount.

It should also be noted that a logo is not a good representation of a professional individual. LinkedIn is simply an extension of in person networking (for the most part) and when meeting in person, well, we don’t shake hands with a logo. If you do not have a professional image that represents you well, it’s not too late to get one. With today’s technology, it’s easily obtained.

Expanding Your Network

Search the Connections of Your Connections

Business networking is all about meeting the right people who can help you with your career. As you are going through the process, introductions play a key role. You may never know just how to reach the right people or where they can be located. Your best associates and colleagues are probably more than willing to assist you but if they don’t know who you need to meet, they are useless in this area.

You also cannot tell who they know just by knowing them. LinkedIn is a great help in this area because you have the option of looking at who your connections are connected to. It may be time consuming to do all at once but if you take a short time daily or weekly, you can search through your contacts 1st connections and then request an introduction to those who you feel can add value to you or vice versa. These introductions can be made via email, 3 way calls, or in person. The good news is that there is no longer a boundary separating you from locating the right people.


Look for Opportunities to Help

Because there are so many communication avenues on LinkedIn, there lies the opportunity to be of assistance to many. From network updates, discussions in groups, to questions posted in the LinkedIn Answers section, the opportunity to help in never ending. These pleas for help are a pathway to client acquisition, partnerships, and more. If you are goal oriented you will not find it difficult to locate tons of opportunities to stand out as a go-to person.

Finding opportunities to assist doesn’t always come in the form of questions. You may find a discussion in which adding you input can prove to be valuable to those involved. You can mention resources and recommendations which will heighten the opinions of other when considering working with you. It can serve you well in gaining referrals as well as offering useful info enough times will qualify you as an expert who is worthy of mention.

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