3 Things Not to Do When Writing SEO Articles

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Whether you choose to use a professional article service or write your own SEO articles, there are several things which you should avoid in order to make sure that you do not waste your time. Be under no illusions – if you write an article for directory submission without paying attention to the basic rules and guidelines, you’re wasting your time. You might as well stick a business card on your rubber duck’s bottom – it’s likely to have about as much effect.

So many people make the same mistakes over and again, that half the time if you avoid these common mistakes you’ll find yourself floating higher out of default! Of course, there’s a great deal more to successful online article writing, but here are the top three common mistakes people make when writing optimized content for article directories.

1. Creating articles which sound like sales letters. So many people think that article marketing means article selling. An article submitted to a directory has clearly got to engage the reader’s interest, and encourage them to take further action by clicking the links in your resource box. But if you think that pushing sales letters at people through article directories is successful, you’d be surprised.

For most people looking for products, they’ll go to product comparison sites, review sites, forums or the sales pages themselves. Very few people visit article directories when they’re looking to buy a product or service. Instead, they use article directories for more general information. Make your article interesting, and of value in itself. A sales letter only has value if it encourages a sale at the end of it. SEO articles have a wider scope than that, but this scope is narrowed significantly if you create sales letters. Additionally, it’s important to be aware that many article directories will simply decline your article if they catch you writing them in this way.

2. Keyword stuffing. Most professional SEO article writers know only too well that keyword stuffing went out years ago, and that all it will achieve today is to push your site further down the search engine results pages, unless you’re entirely blacklisted. The keywords today are latent semantic indexing, or LSI – sadly a very misunderstood term. LSI doesn’t mean stuffing your article full of semantically equivalent keywords – Google will just treat them all the same, massively increasing your keyword density.

Instead, use natural language, and incorporate as many words and phrases throughout your article that will help emphasise its relevance to the topic. If you’re writing about selling golf clubs, then make sure you use words related to golf, including wood, iron, putter, green, caddy and so on. Don’t just try to find six different synonyms for ‘golf club’ (if that’s possible!)

3. Failing to deliver what you promise. If you order a pepperoni pizza and chips from your local takeaway, you really do expect to get a pepperoni and chips. Having a hot’n’spicy chilli surprise with a bucket of chicken wings is likely to result in disappointment. The same is true with articles. If you promise something in the title (such as 4 things not to do when writing SEO articles) then make sure that this is what you deliver. If you don’t, or you don’t get on with delivering your promise quickly, then people will simply give up on your article and never even reach your resource box.

If in doubt, use a professional article service which will be well aware of these pitfalls, and the many others too. With a good quality article writer, your time and effort is much more likely to be well spent, and the rewards will often speak for themselves.

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