20 Inexpensive and Innovative Marketing Ideas to Build Your Medical Practice

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Are you looking for innovative ways to market your practice without spending a lot of money?

Try some or all of these – but remember to track your results.

  1. Create a simple website that resembles a modern-day e-brochure
  2. Engage in or host networking activities and events in town, at the hospital, online that put you in contact with influential referral sources
  3. Work on holiday or seasons projects that coincide with health promotion weeks or days.
  4. Offer seminars and workshops on topics you are passionate about and want to establish local or regional authority
  5. Develop tasteful flyers designed by professional graphic artists that exude authority and offer value to the reader, not just advertising
  6. Develop a newsletter that can be distributed electronically, with a few printed copies available in the waiting room and in exam rooms
  7. Schedule an open house reception at your practice – better yet, turn it into a health fair with scheduled mini-talks by practitioners
  8. Purchase a small amount of advertising in places likely to be seen by both new and existing patients.
  9. Distribute press releases about new technology, procedures and providers working at your practice
  10. Speak at prestigious scientific conferences and events that add fresh recent additions to your CV
  11. See One, Do One, Teach One: Offer CME courses for doctors, nurses and ancillary providers (You’ll get CME credit for teaching too!)
  12. Get booked as a keynote speaker for an event and share the news with Save the Date announcements in press releases and newsletters
  13. Offer themed health screening specials each month
  14. Serve as a resource to the media and journalists – find opportunities to be interviewed on HARO
  15. Write articles about health prevention wellness and for the newspaper’s Lifestyle section
  16. Author a printed paperback book that can be used as a patient education tool. Distribute a personally inscribed copy free to new patients on their initial consult. A 60-page 6″x9″ bound, printed copy of your book will cost about $2.60 per copy if you order 100 copies and have them shipped to your office by standard shipping (5-days).
  17. Radio interviews and talk shows. (We have more than 900-radio producers around the USA who want to interview physicians on thousands of topics – what are you waiting for?)
  18. TV news appearances or talk shows (start local, progress to CNBC and work you way up to national news)
  19. Schedule a free charity case through a national association – let them deal with publicity costs
  20. Assess current patient base and analyze diagnosis codes and procedures that contribute significant volume to create a profile of your practice. Play to your strengths but also look for unrealized or under-performing niches that are essentially under-served in your community.

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